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Recruiting Partners Pre-Qualification

Thank you for your interest in Hess Corporation.

Our company occasionally supplements its recruiting efforts with assistance from pre-qualified temporary staffing agencies, placement services, professional recruiting agencies and employment advertising services.

If you would like to become a qualified recruiting agency for Hess, please complete the online form and click “submit.” We sign contracts on an annual basis, but do consider new relationships for niches not covered by current recruiting partners.  

Recruiting partner relationships for direct hires are managed by our Talent Acquisition team. Contract employees are managed by our Global Supply Chain team. 

If a contractual relationship is established, you will be sent an email with instructions for accessing our talent acquisition system, which we use to manage our relationship with recruiting agencies. 

We ask that you not contact our recruiting team or Hess employees directly. Any unsolicited CVs, resumes and applications that are sent directly to personal email accounts of Hess employees, or are submitted to hiring managers without a contract in place, are considered property of Hess Corporation and do not qualify for referral fees. 

If you or your firm provides employment advertising services to promote jobs or employment branding, you may also use this site to register. Services may include digital, print and radio advertising. 

We appreciate your cooperation and will give your request due consideration. 

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